Mighty Vaporizer review

Crafty & Mighty – Outstanding Portable Vaporizers

Crafty and Mighty are two dried herb vaporizers that should satisfy the needs of even the most advanced and pretentious vapers. Both portable vaporizers are manufactured by the German company Storz & Bickel. Manufacturers of the already famous Volcano desktop vaporizer, the name Storz & Bickel has become over the years synonymous with durability, efficiency and outstanding vapor quality. I have been using my Volcano for almost 5 years now and had absolutely no issue with it, still works as it did on the first day.

Since their launch, Crafty and Mighty have received constant favorable reviews from critics and end users alike. Even if both products are in the portable vaporizer niche, these two herbal vaporizers deliver different features and specifications. This is why I decided to incorporate both of them in one review, I hope after reading this review it will be easier for you to make up your mind about which device better suits your needs.

Ok let’s get started and see what all the fuss is about.

crafty new pic 1

The Crafty immediately catches your eye with his awesome and unique design. This one is perfect for when you are out on the town or taking a holiday, the stealth factor is quite high and not to mention it fits perfectly in your hand. But design and portability aren’t the only things that should make you consider purchasing a Crafty of your very own, what really soled me on this device was the advanced build technology coupled with some really awesome thermal engineering features.

The Crafty vape comes with 2 unique heating features that work very well together: convection heating and conduction. Most of the devices manufactured by Storz and Bickel are equipped with the same system but only with Crafty they have managed to fit all that in a pocket size herbal vaporizer. You might be wondering right now how exactly this convection and conduction thermal system actually works. I will try to give a general idea right now in a few words.

The hot air convection has the ability to deliver constant vapor without any down time what so ever and the conduction heating is used in the very beginning for preheating the chamber. By combining this two thermal features Crafty is able to deliver southing vapor instantly, basically after you turn on your vape and it reaches basic functional temperature you can use it constantly without any down time until the battery is depleted.

User Control

Crafty is extremely easy to use and has intuitive controls. All it takes is just pressing the button once and the device will start heating up right away until it reaches its basic temperature range of 356 F (180 C) , this process takes about 90 to 120 seconds. However if you choose to click the button twice the Crafty will automatically heat up until it reaches the boosted temperature of 383F (195C). When the desired temperature settings are achieved you will be notified by a gentle double vibration and the LED light will go from red to green.

Another cool feature provided with the Crafty is the ability to control it remotely and set your own temperature settings by using the Crafty app powered by Bluetooth low energy. The smartphone app is compatible with both Apple iPhone 4s or higher and with Android 4.3 or higher. I think there are 1 or two other brands that offer this kind of app, but I suspect in the near future this will become a standard feature for the next generation of herbal vaporizers.

As I said before The Crafty can be really useful if stealth is one of your main concerns. This is the tiniest dried herbs vaporizer manufactured by Storz and Bickel. The size is 4.30 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches (11.0 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm). Weight is 0.3 lbs. or 135 g. Just place it in your pocket and you’re ready to go, best suited for people who entertain a more active life style.

Battery life and heat up time

Because of its small size this tiny vape uses only uses one lithium-ion internal rechargeable battery that lasts about 45 minutes for continuous use. Heat up time as I said before is anywhere between 90 and 120 seconds. To recharge it takes about 2 hours but as added bonus you can use it as its recharging, so no down time when you using indoors.

It’s true that other competitor’s vaporizers have a more long lasting battery life, some of them even reaching 1 hour and a half. But few of them deliver the same vapor quality that we have come to expect from the Crafty. Some of you may need more battery life while others may prefer uncompromising vapor quality. Unfortunately current vaporizing technology has its limits. So it is up to you to make the choice best suited for your own specific needs. As Storz and Bickel have stated on their website, they have tried to prolong battery life as much as they could without affecting vapor quality and portability. My personal preference will always be for quality vapor and portability over battery life. Again, this is a matter of choice and the final decision rests in your hands, so be sure to give it proper consideration.

How to use

This herbal vaporizer is also extremely easy to use. Just unscrew the cooling unit on top and place your dried herb inside the heating chamber with the help of the filling aid. You can pack it any way you want; loose, tight and anywhere in between, Crafty performs the same either way. After packing the bowl just screw the cooling unit back on and you can begin using after 90-120 seconds.

What’s in the box?

When purchasing Crafty from vaporizer chief this what you expect to receive: Crafty vaporizer; the mouthpiece; a cleaning brush; the very useful user manual; a liquid pad; 3 normal screens; one filling aid; a set of backup seal rings; the Storz and Bickel grinder and the power adapter complete with USB cable.

Basically all you need to get started vaping right away.

Price: $279 – Buy from Vaporizer Chief  Use coupon code BUD to get a 10% discount.


Now it’s high time to see what The Mighty  has to offer.

Mighty Vaporizer review

As its smaller brother the Crafty, this one immediately catches your eye with its unique and attractive design. But one more thing is painfully obvious when setting eyes on the Mighty, this is not a portable vaporizer that you can carry around in your pocket, not by a long shot. The size of this vape speaks for its self: 5.5 inches x 3.2 inches x 1.2 inches (14.0cm x 8.0cm x 3.0 cm).

Mighty has a weight of 235 grams (o.5 lbs.), making it one of the heaviest portable vaporizers ever build. But what I have come to learn is that while Mighty has some shortcomings in the portability and stealth department it more than makes up for it with its extended battery life and vapor quality. So if portability and stealth are not two of your main concerns then rest assured Mighty is one of the most inspired choices you could make. I use this device at home and when I go on holyday, it’s really great to share with friends too, curtesy of the extended battery life witch last at least twice as long as its smaller counterpoint, the Crafty.

User Control

The Mighty features a LED display which informs you about the current temperature output. By using the 2 controls placed on each side of the display you can easily control temperature settings. Unlike the Crafty you get more versatility with your temperature settings. You can choose your preferred temperature ranging from 110 to 405 degrees F, that’s a definite plus in my book.

It was surprising to me to find out that the Mighty can’t be controlled with the smartphone app as with the Crafty, but I am sure this is a feature that will be added in the near future on newer models.

Battery Life and Heat up Time

Battery life is where the Mighty really makes a difference, you can use this device for more than 90 minutes continuously. Heat up time is similar to the Crafty, so about 90 to 120 seconds but some users have reported a slighter faster heat up time when using the Mighty and I tend to agree with them from personal experience. The heating system is identical to The Crafty using both conduction and convection heating. Both portable devices provide great quality vapor but my own personal choice is got to be the Mighty because of its slightly larger cooling unit on top.

Recharging this vape takes about 2 hours but like the Crafty you have the ability of using it as it charges.

How to use

You can pack inside the bowl anywhere between 2 or 3 grams max and get about 5 or 6 sessions out of it. You fill it up just like you would the Crafty, just detach the cooling unit on top, pack the bowl by using the filling aid and then just reattach the cooling unit back on top. Simple and straight forward. The bigger cooling unit is a definite plus for the Mighty.

Although The Mighty is considered one of the biggest portable vaporizers ever made, you can easily take it with on the town in your backpack or handbag. Just be careful as it’s harder to be stealthy with this one. But if stealth is not one of your main concerns, this durable and reliable portable vape should rank very high on your list of future purchases.

One more thing I like about the Mighty and The Crafty alike is that there is absolutely no issues with overheating. No matter how much you use these devices they never overheat and stay cool to the touch even.

So summing up, if you want a top of the line portable vaporizer which delivers outstanding vapor quality, long lasting battery life and no overheating then the Mighty is definitely the way to go. But on the other hand if you are more interested in portability and stealth and battery life is not a main concern then Crafty would be a much more suitable choice for your needs. Both devices are great choices when shopping for a new vape and they both provide the user with outstanding vapor quality.

What’s in the box: The Mighty herb vaporizer, the filling aid, wall power adapter; the cleaning brush; the Storz and Bickel grinder, 3 backup seal rings; the mouth piece; 3 normal screens; liquid pad and the user manual.

Price: $349 – Buy from Vaporizer Chief  Use coupon code BUD to get a 10% discount.


Arizer Review – Quality Marijuana Vaporizers

Company Information

Arizer Vaporizers has been in the game for more than 10 years. In that time, the vape company has provided its customers with quality built marijuana vaporizers. The key features of the arizer vaporizers are unique design, quality devices and some of the best prices in the industry. The company is currently selling 4 different devices: arizer extreme q, arizer air, arizer solo and the arizer digital v-tower. These 4 marijuana vaporizers can easily fulfill the needs of even the most advanced vapers. If you are in the market for a portable vaporizer or a desktop model, then you should strongly consider Arizer as one of you first picks.

The Arizer company is based in Canada but they ship there products worldwide in a timely manner, so there is no need to worry about shipping. Their shipping always features very discreet packaging.

The Arizer vaporizers are all equipped with high quality glass and ceramic parts. This is a very important feature because these are toxin free and inert. This means you always get smooth and flavorful vapor without the harshness you might get when using a sub standard device.

The quality of their marihuana vaporizers has been proven time and time again by customers and critiques alike, not to mention the solid manufacturer’s warranty which is granted for life for specific parts of the device.

A portable vaporizer or even a desktop one should always be simple to use, have intuitive controls and be quite easy to clean as well. When you purchase an arizer model that is exactly what you receive.

Another nice feature is that all products are compatible with a 110-220V power source, so no matter where you live or might be traveling to, you can recharge your preferred marijuana vaporizer with ease.

Arizer Air – Portable Vaporizer

arizer air

This dried herbs portable vaporizer has been released at the begging of 2015 and it hands down one of the best performers in the portable vaporizers category. This product is very discreet and features a unique fan system that generates the right quantity of heat, thus ensuring you get the best possible vapor out of you marijuana vaporizer. Following the footstep of its predecessor the Arizer Solo, but much improved courtesy of new long lasting batteries and an all glass path. If you are truly interested in getting the best quality vapor possible, then you must know that everything that touches you vapor should be made out of glass.

The arizer air features ceramic filters, a glass bowl, all glass parts and vapor path. The quality of the vapor produced by the baby is rivaled only by the Pax2 and the Davinci Ascent.

Heating levels and battery information

You get a lot of versatility when make use of this product considering there are 5 different temperature levels. This allow you to customize your vaping experience to you own specific needs.

1: 356 degrees Fahrenheit – Blue

2: 374 degrees Fahrenheit – White

3: 392 degrees Fahrenheit – Green

4: 401 degrees Fahrenheit – Orange

5: 410 degrees Fahrenheit – Red

It is quite easy to change between different levels, just use the arrows. (Push up and down)

You can make good use of the air portable vaporizer for more than 2 hours, courtesy of the new advanced 18650 Lithium Ion batteries. You can easily charge this product by using the micro USB port and can even vape while it’s charging, so no more waiting for the damn marijuana vaporizer to recharge. Also the fine people from arizer have equipped the air with a very useful auto lock feature, which automatically turns the device off after 10 minutes.

This is one stealthy portable vaporizer, measuring only 12.2 cm in height and only 3 cm in width. Sits perfectly in my pocket. It really has a great feel when you hold it in your hand and a great grip as well.

The outer structure is made from highly heat resistant plastic materials, but only the outer structure. As I said earlier, the rest of the device is made from all glass parts and features ceramic filters. This does not only mean you get only quality vapor but healthy vapor as well.

My preferred heat levels for using the Arizer air marijuana vaporizer are white and green. Anything more than that much damage you herbs and provide a substandard trip.

What you get when you order the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer: one warming device with battery, two glass diffuser stems, one carrying case, one charger/power adapter, one glass aroma dish, one clear protective skin and one steel stirring tool.

The air comes in two different color schemes: grey and black.

Price: $259.99 – Sale price: $199.95 – Buy from Vaporizer Chief – Click Here


Arizer extreme q – Desktop Vaporizer

arizer featured image

The arizer extreme q is best suited for people who want a quality built, reliable desktop vaporizer but don t want to spend $499/$599 for a Volcano model. I always recommend this to people searching for a more affordable marijuana vaporizer which they can use at home. Now just because the arizer extreme q is cheaper than its famous competitor, it doesn’t mean you will be receiving a substandard device when purchasing the arizer extreme q model. The extreme q is build using only quality materials and provides some truly unique features. Let’ find out what they are, shall we?

This high performance vaping unit is quite versatile as well, arizer extreme q users can easily vape using either the provided balloon bags or switch it up by using the whip. Some people like to use the balloon bags, other love the whip, well with the arizer extreme you can easily do booth. This is a very convenient feature and should be provided by all the desktop marijuana vaporizers.

The heating ceramic element is ready to go in a matter of seconds, no more waiting for you vape unit to heat up.

The q extreme is equipped with a digital LED screen which provides very useful information on the state of the device: vapor heat, fan and timer. The heat sensor can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and the auto shut-off feature can be tailored to your own specific needs. Most other marijuana vaporizers do offer an auto shut off feature but most of time vaping units are programed for a preset time period, but not the arizer extreme q. This model has 3 heat sensors and the fan is one the most silent in the industry. I sometimes use this device at night and I can confirm it’s quite stealthy.

Remote Control

Yes, the arizer extreme q is the only vaporizer that can be controlled remotely. One of those important features that you didn’t know you needed it until you’ve tried it. I am sure most of the competitor’s future models will be provided with this key feature, but until than if you want a remote controlled marijuana vaporizer the arizer extreme q is the only way to go.

This vaporizer is built like a tank, the double wall housing is made from stainless steel with a chrome finish.

The beautiful design paired with a medical grade silicone whip system and the 3 speed fan really makes the arizer extreme q stand out. The detachable balloon system is also very efficient and easy to use, the extreme q can easily become the center piece of your parties.

Delivering one of the most dense and tasty vapors out there, the arizer extreme should be on the self of anybody who wants or needs a quality vaping experience. Taking account the decent price, the remote control feature and the quality of the build, I would say the arizer extreme q is not just a more affordable version of the Volcano.

Price: $195.5 – Buy from Vaporizer Chief – Click Here


The Arizer Air and the extreme q are both awesome choices when searching for quality vaporizers. Considering the fair price and the unique features, these models should satisfy your vaping needs and then some.

The arizer models are best suited to be used for vaporizing dried herbs, not for waxes or oils. If you need a device for waxes and oils check out these reviews: Davinci And Vaped Inc.

Vaporizer Chief Review – Some of the Best Weed Vaporizers

Company Information

Vaporizer Chief has been around the vape scene for more than three years. Since then the web shop has been providing their customers with the best weed vaporizers available on the market. Vaporizer Chief is an authorized dealer for the most worthwhile and trusted brands in the vape game. From the famous Volcano vaporizer (desktop) to the most recent portable models from Pax, Arizer, DaVinci, Atmos, Crafty and Vaped.

Since 2013 Vaporizer Chief has serviced many satisfied customers, and the hundreds of positive online reviews serve as a reminder of the level of excellence this company is providing. I actually bought my first weed vaporizer from them, back in 2014 and it still works like a charm.

When you shop at Vaporizer Chief you can expect to receive free shipping on orders over 50 bucks, full time live support, Norton Safe Shopping guarantee, privacy protection and off course price-matching.


This means you will be paying the exact same price you would on the official brand store for any device that is available in their online shop. Actually you would be paying a little less if you take into account the free shipping feature. They are able to do this because they high levels off sales and customer satisfaction allow them to get bulk discounts from all the major manufacturers.

So, if you want to acquire either a new weed vaporizer, some of the more portable versions or just my favorite classic choice: the Volcano vaporizer these guys can hook you up. They do have an extensive catalogue, with that in mind I will be reviewing only 2 or 3 weed vaporizers. If you like what you see, you can always check out the web shop and browse through their extensive weed vaporizer catalogue.


The Volcano Vaporizer – Desktop


Experienced vapers always disagree about the best choices for weed vaporizers, but not when it comes to Volcano vaporizer brand. Everyone agrees this is the absolute best choice you can make when purchasing a desktop vaporizer. None of the other desktop weed vaporizers even come close to the level of excellence you get with your Volcano vaporizer. The tabletop weed vaporizer comes in 2 unique models, the classic version and the digital one. I bought my Volcano classic a few years back and I had absolutely no issues with it, the Volcano weed vaporizer performs as it did on the first day. Built like a tank, with a high level of efficiently, the Volcano vaporizer is one of a kind to say the least.

Volcano Classic

This was the first model released by the company, and it took the vaping community by storm. Manufactured in Germany by the good people at Storz and Bickel, this beautiful device provides the user with top of the line vaporization and efficiency. You can use with your essential water based oil and off course your dried herbs. The heating block is manufactured from medical grade aluminum coupled with a super reliable diaphragm pump witch seems to fill the vape bags almost instantly.


My favorite feature however is the awesome air filter which makes all the difference, super clean and tasty vapor. The silencer of the volcano vaporizer is also a very important feature, being able to vape incognito can come in very handy at times.

The temperature is adjustable and can range from 266F to 446F (130C to 230C). The weight of the Volcano weed vaporizer is about 1,6 kg (3.5lbs) and the size is about 7.9 inch x 7.1inch (20 cm x 18 cm ). It’s a big that for shore.

What you get with your Volcano vaporizer: one Volcano hoot air generator, a choice of either solid or easy valve set, one air filtering set, one liquid pad, one cleaning brush, one adjustable filing chamber, a cleaning brush , one balloon tube measuring 3 meters and of course the mouthpiece.

An instruction manual is also provided, which can come in handy.

Price: $479.90   –   Buy From The Official Vaporizer Chief Shop

The Digital Volcano Vaporizer


The digital version provides the user with the same level of excellence we have come to expect from the volcano weed vaporizers. But it has one cool extra feature, the large led display which shows exactly the operating state of your weed vaporizer. These guys really manufacture one of the best vaporizers, durability and reliability being some of their key features. Time and time again the Volcano vaporizers have been branded the best vaporizers by customers and critiques alike and with good reason.

The air pump provided with the volcano vaporizer is almost indestructible and lasts for years, and requires virtually no maintenance. You have your choice of either Solid or Easy valve. The solid valve as the name suggests is quite durable as well and provides the user with customizable balloon sizes. The easy valve on the other hand has preassembled balloons and is ridiculously easy to use.


The temperature control ranges from 104F all the way up to 446F (40C to 230C), coupled with one more awesome feature: the ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius (pretty great). One more extra feature is the automatic switch off after 30 minutes.

The dimensions match those of the Volcano classic vaporizer but the weight is a bit higher, about 1.8 kg (4 lbs.).

What you get with your Volcano Digital Weed Vaporizers: the digital hot air generator, five easy balloon or if you choose the solid valve, then you get your choice of individual balloon sizes (from 30cm to 3m), one adjustable filling chamber, one screen set, one air filter set, one liquid pad, one herb mill, one cleaning brush and off course to easy to fallow instruction manual.

Both the digital and classic versions of the volcano weed vaporizer are made from stainless steel coupled with heat resistant plastic materials.

Price: $599.90   –   Buy from the Official Vaporizer Chief Shop


The Pax 2 – Portable Vaporizer


If you want a reliable weed vaporizer and one your main concerns is portability, the Pax 2 is definitely one of the most inspired choices you could make. Following the resonant success of its predecessor, the Pax 1, the newer model provides the same level of excellence with the added bonus of some new features.

What are really like is that with the Pax 2 weed vaporizer you get a lot more diversity for your heat options and a bigger oven which really helps distributing the heat more evenly.

This is one sleek vaporizers, the design looks great and it really comes with a big stealth factor. Light as a feather, weighing no more than 90 grams.

Dimensions: H – 3.78 inch; W – 1.21 inch; 0.8 inch thick

You temperatures settings allow you to change between four different heat modes, starting at 360 Fahrenheit and going all the way up to 460 Fahrenheit.

Due to the highly improved heating system, the vapor quality of the Pax 2 weed vaporizer is just insane. One more key feature, which you won’t get with other portable weed vaporizers is the lip sensors. Basically the new heat algorithm changes the temperature depending on how the user interacts with the device. Now how many other weed vaporizers have that ability? None many, only the best vaporizers out there.

Battery Life has also suffered significant improvement from the late model. The company is claiming an overall 30% bump in autonomy. As many of the latest customer reviews will attest. This means you are getting just about 90 minutes with one charge, more than enough I would say.

Because of its high levels of durability, efficiency, vapor quality and portability the Pax 2 comes with a fitting price tag, but in my experience when looking the best vaporizers you have to be willing to pay the price, or risk ending up with a substandard weed vaporizer.

Price: $279.99   –   Buy from the Official Vaporizer Chief Shop

The Volcano and The Pax 2 are my preferred choices for tabletop or portable vaping. Hands down the best vaporizers for my particular needs. It is true that these weed vaporizers have a high price tag and maybe some of you do not wish to spend that much. Remember tow, like everywhere else you get what you paid for. With that in mind there are several other choices you could make when shopping at Vaporizer Chief. Davinci, Arizer, Crafty or Atmos being just some of them.

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Coupon Code – BUD

Vaped Inc. Review – Home of the Best Weed Vaporizer

Vaped Inc. Company Information

Vaped Inc. are based in sunny Sun Jose, California. The company can provide you with the best vaporizer if portability and stealth are two of your main concerns. Considering the clean vapor their products offers, u might want to consider checking them out whenever searching for the best weed vaporizer as well. Vaped Inc. has recently released a new batch of products, among them is The Vaped Nano kit and the Flora dried herbs, vaporizer pen. Most people agree that Nano is by far the best vaporizer pen if you are a newbie to vaping, or just don’t want to pay too much for the pleasure. I think it is important to mention that the Nano V3 portable vaporizers work only with essential oils and waxes, NOT Dried Herbs. If you are looking the best weed vaporizer pen you might want to go with the Flora dried herbs vape pen. These are some of the several choices you can make when shopping with Vaped. There are many other choices varying in price range and quality of the build. Read on and I am quite sure you will understand why I always recommend Vaped Inc. to people on the hunt for the best vaporizer: portability, stealth and clean vapor being some of my man concerns.

Nano V3 Kit


This baby is one of the smallest and most discreet portable vaporizers available today. Many companies say they have the best vaporizer pen, but the Nano V3 actually works. This means you needn’t sacrifice quality of the vapor or battery life for portability and stealth. I like that Vaped Inc. is actually a company that listens to its customers, the previous version of the micro Nano had some issues with battery life, but the new V3 has been equipped with a brand new long lasting battery witch lasts at least, twice as long.

The unbelievably small size makes the Nano one of the favorite choices whenever I am on hunt for the best weed vaporizer. Only 3 and a half inches in length and half of inch in diameter, so small you can add this to your key chain with relative ease. The Nano V3 kit provides with all the necessary apparel to start vaping right out of the box. You just need your oils or waxes, no dried herbs please. Worth to mention that for a little extra cash you can also get the dried herbs atomizer and also the liquid one as well for this device. But, if you need the best vaporizer for dried herbs then you should look into the Vaped Flora vaporizer pen, this recommendation comes straight from the good people at Vaped Inc.

What you get with you kit: Nano V3 carry case, a custom gift box, the skillet attachment (skillet element, the atomizer and the sleeve coupled with a mouthpiece, one spare mouthpiece, the Nano stand, one key chain, 2 chargers (screw in type USB charger and a wall charger adapter), the micro fill tool, the new V3 battery and off course the one year warranty, provided you register your device with the good people at vaped Inc.

The New V3 Battery

The brand new lithium ion battery has a 30 second time out and charges form the very top. One button activation, 5 clicks to turn it on and 5 to turn it off. The thread count is 510.

How to use the Nano V3: A lot of people have been messaging me about having some issues with the proper way of using the vaporizer pen. I guess Vaped Inc. should provide a tutorial on their website to address this issue. Until they do however, you best check out this video which will give you all the necessary information. Don’t get me wrong, this device is quite easy to use, but newbies seem to need a little help with it.

Price: $59.99   –   Buy From The Official Vaped Shop

Vaped Flora Dried Herbs Portable Vaporizer Kit


As I said before, if you are searching for the best weed vaporizer then you should give Flora a go. In my own humble opinion, all the best weed vaporizer pens should provide the user with all glass pathways. This means that your precious vapor should never touch anything else but glass. This is the only way to be sure you are getting the best possible taste and effect from your portable vaporizer pen. And off course the Flora provides with exactly that. All glass, all flavor. The best vaporizer pen should always be easy and fast to use. Just a 30 sec wait for the glass over to bake and push the button 5 times, when the light turns green from red, you can begin vaping immediately.

What You get with your Vaped Flora Vaporizer Kit: the flora vaporizer, one grinder card, 2 glass mouthpieces, one carry bag, 2 chargers (Mini USB charger and a wall charger as well), one tray , one cleaning brush, one fill tool and one carry bag. Of course you also get the 1 year warranty, provided you register your products with the Vaped Company. The all glass pathways and the fact that the Flora has no issues with overheating as most of the weed vape pen do, makes it of the only suitable choices you can make if you desire the best weed vaporizer.

Why I consider to rank high on my quest for the best vaporizer pen, is quite simple really. Most vape pens have a harsh taste when you hit them, it really messes with my process and the Flora vaporizer pen on the other hand has a smooth hit and does not irritate my lungs at all.

Price: $119.99   –   Buy From The Official Vaped Shop

Micro Nectar Collector Kit

micro nectar collector

The kit provides true freedom for you vaping choices. The best of both worlds, as many satisfied customers are saying. And it is, here is why: This unique kit could be the next obvious step for vertical vaporization. We are actually able to switch between the classic mode and the electronic one by just quickly changing the base. This is the best vaporizer pen coupled with a globe attachment, but you also get a nectar collector and a titanium tip which you are able heat up with a blowtorch for your dabbing needs. The last one really hits like the bomb, reminds me of my old bong.

You are also able to add water to the Micro Nectar Collector, it really gives you that bong feel and not to mention a very clean vapor. The kit can be used for any kind of vaping you might need: essential oils and waxes only. If you want to check out the best weed vaporizer (dried herbs), go for the Flora Vaped Portable Vape Pen.

Ok, now that you got the right idea , let’s see what comes with the Micro Nectar collector kit: one custom gift box, one soft shell travelling case (very useful when you are out and about), one micro nectar collector which includes both and atomizer and a v3 chamber element, the v3 battery, one titanium tip (threaded off course), one extra all glass chamber attachment (glass chamber and chamber element plus the atomizer), one glass dish with lid, one USB charger plus one wall charger, one micro fill tool and the very useful stand (comes in very handy if you are using a blow torch and you need a place to let your device cool off).

It is quite simple to switch between modes with this one, you just need to turn your element to the right and off course to tighten just simply turn to the left. Pretty easy and straight forward if you ask me.

The Lithium ion battery is quite easy to use too, just 5 clicks to either turn on or off with a 30 seconds time out. The USB charging slot in conveniently located at the bottom of the device allowing use even when charging. Considering the freedom this micro collector provides, this is got to be the best weed vaporizer for people who prefer using waxes or essential oils. You can take huge hits using the blow torch and the titanium tip and then go out and just switch to the battery mode, for some awesome incognito vaping.

I have been getting a lot of messages from people asking me for a video tutorial, they seem to have some issues with understanding to proper way to utilize the micro collector. So check out this very informative video from our good friends at vape life.

Price: $129.99   –   Buy From The Official Vaped Shop  

So there you have it, the good people at Vaped Inc. can help you select the best vaporizer whatever you needs are, waxes and essential oils or dried herbs.

Discounts And Coupons

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DaVinci Review – The Best Portable Vaporizer for Weed

Company Information

If you are an experienced vaper, then I am quite sure you have already heard of DaVinci Vaporizers. Whenever searching for the best portable vaporizer, the well-established DaVinci Brand should definitely be first on your radar. Unique design coupled with amazing features and a long battery life make DaVinci portable vaporizers a great choice when searching for vaporizers for sale. The unique simplicity of these great devices makes the brand a sound choice for both for first time buyers and experienced vapers as well.

The company sells 2 unique portable vaporizers: The Davinci Classic and off course the Davinci Ascent. These are both amazing choices you can make when trying to track down the best portable vaporizer.

The Davinci Classic

classic davicni

This is a handheld, compact portable vaporizer with an amazing durable build and it is just great for the outdoors. It fits with ease in your bag or pocket and the reliable controls provide an overall awesome vaping experience. Because of its portability and convenient storage space I consider the Davinci Classic is the best vaporizer for weed with such a low price tag, just $129. I tested one last week and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the vapor. Be sure to add this to your wish list next you are looking for vaporizers for sale.

Awesome Temperature control feature – The Davinci Classic provides awesome precision temperature control going all the way to 430 degrees. The different temperature control settings are quite useful for vaporizing different organic materials from dried leaf to essential oils. For those of you who want the best vaporizer for weed, The Davinci Classic is quite a wise choice. You can use the vaporizer for both dried weed and various cannabis oils. I really like the high level of versatility you receive with the Davinci Classic.

Storage Compartment – You can use this convenient storage space to stash your various materials. The storage compartment also features the multi-functioning cleaning brush that is just awesome for keeping your device clean and your vapor tasty as all hell.

Built Like A Tank – This is one the best durable portable vaporizers and DaVinci has the proof to back up that statement. The good folks at Davinci Vaporizers have drop tested this one at heights of more than 10ft for at least six times. Actually, a good friend of mine was enjoying a nice, relaxing vape on his balcony overlooking the beautiful port in Rotterdam. Been takin’ in by the moment, he dropped the device and it fell 2 stories down on to a neighbors terrace. He went down to pick up and found the device in proper working conditions with just a tiny scratch. I actually used it last week when I was visiting him, and I must say The Davinci Classic was in working order. The best vaporizer for weed, best suited for people with an active lifestyle.

Versatility – I really like the various temperature controls and the ability to vape any kind of organic matter, dried weed and various cannabis oils (THC oil and CBD oil). I use the Davinci Classic for vaping cbd oil and I must say it works like a charm. I really get most of Cbd oil benefits as if I was using a cbd tincture. It is a big help with my blood circulation. Considering the sweet price tag and its amazing durability, this is one of the best portable vaporizers you could hope to find right now.

Battery Life – 1 Hour

Davinci Classic Bundle – The Vaporizer Company is providing its customers for a limited time only with a free accessory pack. You end up saving more than $40.

What you get with The Davinci Classic Bundle: DaVinci Classic portable vaporizer, charger 110V – 240V, the flexi-straw, 2 oil cans, 3 large screens and 6 small ones and off course, the very useful cleaning brush. Everything you need to get your vaping started.

Price: $129 (114.54 Euro)  –  Shop for Davinci Classic – Click Here

The Davinci Ascent


The Ascent vaporizer From DaVinci is their flagship device, best suited for people who need a certain level of excellence with their vaping. Hands dawn the best portable vaporizer because of its unique features. This baby comes with all-glass vapor path, a long lasting lithium battery (up to 3 hours) and reliable temperature control. Many experienced vapers say this is by far the best vaporizer for weed, the taste is just out of this worlds and the price tag for this beauty is not as high as you might think. But remember, you are buying a top of the line portable vaporizer so it won’t be cheap.

This is one beautiful portable vaporizer, the sleek device is available in 5 unique designs from carbon, burl wood, fiber to stealth, croc skin and finally black skulls.

All Glass

Yes, absolutely everything that comes in direct contact with your precious vapor is made 100% from glass. If you’re looking for vaporizers for sale, but you need nothing short of the best possible choice the fine people from Davinci will take very good care of your vaping needs. Only 1 or 2 other brands can even hope to come close to the amazing clean vapor this baby provides.

3 Hour Battery Life

Steeping up their vape game with this feature, please tell me how many efficient portable vaporizers have the same autonomy. Not many, as I am sure you already know by now. On the market for vaporizers for sale with an extended battery life. Well there you go, 3 hours is more than enough for you or even some of your friends if you like to share that is, and I do.

Temperature Control

As with the Davinci Classic, you have the possibility to play around with the precision temperature controls, going all the way up to 430 degrees. As I am sure you know by now, different organic materials require a specific temperature range in order to reap all the benefits from your portable vaporizer. For example many vapers agree that the best possible temperature for vaporizing weed ranges from 350 to 380 degrees (Fahrenheit), considering you are using a good reliable tool, no knock offs or fakes.

Vaporizing cannabis oil or CBD oil requires a slight different approach. Here is why: it is true the cannabinoids vape at 350 degrees but cbd oil requires a much higher temperature to vape, around 446 degrees Fahrenheit. So , if you are using cannabis or CBD oil for medical reasons, your vape should never pass over 446 degrees Fahrenheit , or you risk burning up highly beneficial compounds that can be found in cannabis concentrates.

Customize Your Own Ascent

Another sweet feature of the Ascent is the ability to customize your very own vaporizer with no extra cost. Just a 2 day wait plus shipping time and you can have your very own original DAvicnci Ascent vaporizer. So as you can see whenever looking for the best portable vaporizer, Davinci should rank high on your list.

The best vaporizer for weed in my opinion, because of the unique clean vapor this device provides the user with, curtsey of the all glass air path ways. It really makes all the difference in the world if you ask me.

Davinci Ascent Vaporizer Bundle: The Ascent, 2 glass internal stems, 2 glass mouthpieces, 2 glass oil jars, a 110-240V wall Charger, one metal pick and one carrying satchel. Also with an added bonus, if you order now you also receive a free car charger for your vaporizer as well.

Price: $199 (175.90 Euro)  –  Shop For DaVinci Ascent – Click Here