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If you are an experienced vaper, then I am quite sure you have already heard of DaVinci Vaporizers. Whenever searching for the best portable vaporizer, the well-established DaVinci Brand should definitely be first on your radar. Unique design coupled with amazing features and a long battery life make DaVinci portable vaporizers a great choice when searching for vaporizers for sale. The unique simplicity of these great devices makes the brand a sound choice for both for first time buyers and experienced vapers as well.

The company sells 2 unique portable vaporizers: The Davinci Classic and off course the Davinci Ascent. These are both amazing choices you can make when trying to track down the best portable vaporizer.

The Davinci Classic

classic davicni

This is a handheld, compact portable vaporizer with an amazing durable build and it is just great for the outdoors. It fits with ease in your bag or pocket and the reliable controls provide an overall awesome vaping experience. Because of its portability and convenient storage space I consider the Davinci Classic is the best vaporizer for weed with such a low price tag, just $129. I tested one last week and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the vapor. Be sure to add this to your wish list next you are looking for vaporizers for sale.

Awesome Temperature control feature – The Davinci Classic provides awesome precision temperature control going all the way to 430 degrees. The different temperature control settings are quite useful for vaporizing different organic materials from dried leaf to essential oils. For those of you who want the best vaporizer for weed, The Davinci Classic is quite a wise choice. You can use the vaporizer for both dried weed and various cannabis oils. I really like the high level of versatility you receive with the Davinci Classic.

Storage Compartment – You can use this convenient storage space to stash your various materials. The storage compartment also features the multi-functioning cleaning brush that is just awesome for keeping your device clean and your vapor tasty as all hell.

Built Like A Tank – This is one the best durable portable vaporizers and DaVinci has the proof to back up that statement. The good folks at Davinci Vaporizers have drop tested this one at heights of more than 10ft for at least six times. Actually, a good friend of mine was enjoying a nice, relaxing vape on his balcony overlooking the beautiful port in Rotterdam. Been takin’ in by the moment, he dropped the device and it fell 2 stories down on to a neighbors terrace. He went down to pick up and found the device in proper working conditions with just a tiny scratch. I actually used it last week when I was visiting him, and I must say The Davinci Classic was in working order. The best vaporizer for weed, best suited for people with an active lifestyle.

Versatility – I really like the various temperature controls and the ability to vape any kind of organic matter, dried weed and various cannabis oils (THC oil and CBD oil). I use the Davinci Classic for vaping cbd oil and I must say it works like a charm. I really get most of Cbd oil benefits as if I was using a cbd tincture. It is a big help with my blood circulation. Considering the sweet price tag and its amazing durability, this is one of the best portable vaporizers you could hope to find right now.

Battery Life – 1 Hour

Davinci Classic Bundle – The Vaporizer Company is providing its customers for a limited time only with a free accessory pack. You end up saving more than $40.

What you get with The Davinci Classic Bundle: DaVinci Classic portable vaporizer, charger 110V – 240V, the flexi-straw, 2 oil cans, 3 large screens and 6 small ones and off course, the very useful cleaning brush. Everything you need to get your vaping started.

Price: $129 (114.54 Euro)  –  Shop for Davinci Classic – Click Here

The Davinci Ascent


The Ascent vaporizer From DaVinci is their flagship device, best suited for people who need a certain level of excellence with their vaping. Hands dawn the best portable vaporizer because of its unique features. This baby comes with all-glass vapor path, a long lasting lithium battery (up to 3 hours) and reliable temperature control. Many experienced vapers say this is by far the best vaporizer for weed, the taste is just out of this worlds and the price tag for this beauty is not as high as you might think. But remember, you are buying a top of the line portable vaporizer so it won’t be cheap.

This is one beautiful portable vaporizer, the sleek device is available in 5 unique designs from carbon, burl wood, fiber to stealth, croc skin and finally black skulls.

All Glass

Yes, absolutely everything that comes in direct contact with your precious vapor is made 100% from glass. If you’re looking for vaporizers for sale, but you need nothing short of the best possible choice the fine people from Davinci will take very good care of your vaping needs. Only 1 or 2 other brands can even hope to come close to the amazing clean vapor this baby provides.

3 Hour Battery Life

Steeping up their vape game with this feature, please tell me how many efficient portable vaporizers have the same autonomy. Not many, as I am sure you already know by now. On the market for vaporizers for sale with an extended battery life. Well there you go, 3 hours is more than enough for you or even some of your friends if you like to share that is, and I do.

Temperature Control

As with the Davinci Classic, you have the possibility to play around with the precision temperature controls, going all the way up to 430 degrees. As I am sure you know by now, different organic materials require a specific temperature range in order to reap all the benefits from your portable vaporizer. For example many vapers agree that the best possible temperature for vaporizing weed ranges from 350 to 380 degrees (Fahrenheit), considering you are using a good reliable tool, no knock offs or fakes.

Vaporizing cannabis oil or CBD oil requires a slight different approach. Here is why: it is true the cannabinoids vape at 350 degrees but cbd oil requires a much higher temperature to vape, around 446 degrees Fahrenheit. So , if you are using cannabis or CBD oil for medical reasons, your vape should never pass over 446 degrees Fahrenheit , or you risk burning up highly beneficial compounds that can be found in cannabis concentrates.

Customize Your Own Ascent

Another sweet feature of the Ascent is the ability to customize your very own vaporizer with no extra cost. Just a 2 day wait plus shipping time and you can have your very own original DAvicnci Ascent vaporizer. So as you can see whenever looking for the best portable vaporizer, Davinci should rank high on your list.

The best vaporizer for weed in my opinion, because of the unique clean vapor this device provides the user with, curtsey of the all glass air path ways. It really makes all the difference in the world if you ask me.

Davinci Ascent Vaporizer Bundle: The Ascent, 2 glass internal stems, 2 glass mouthpieces, 2 glass oil jars, a 110-240V wall Charger, one metal pick and one carrying satchel. Also with an added bonus, if you order now you also receive a free car charger for your vaporizer as well.

Price: $199 (175.90 Euro)  –  Shop For DaVinci Ascent – Click Here


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