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Vaped Inc. are based in sunny Sun Jose, California. The company can provide you with the best vaporizer if portability and stealth are two of your main concerns. Considering the clean vapor their products offers, u might want to consider checking them out whenever searching for the best weed vaporizer as well. Vaped Inc. has recently released a new batch of products, among them is The Vaped Nano kit and the Flora dried herbs, vaporizer pen. Most people agree that Nano is by far the best vaporizer pen if you are a newbie to vaping, or just don’t want to pay too much for the pleasure. I think it is important to mention that the Nano V3 portable vaporizers work only with essential oils and waxes, NOT Dried Herbs. If you are looking the best weed vaporizer pen you might want to go with the Flora dried herbs vape pen. These are some of the several choices you can make when shopping with Vaped. There are many other choices varying in price range and quality of the build. Read on and I am quite sure you will understand why I always recommend Vaped Inc. to people on the hunt for the best vaporizer: portability, stealth and clean vapor being some of my man concerns.

Nano V3 Kit


This baby is one of the smallest and most discreet portable vaporizers available today. Many companies say they have the best vaporizer pen, but the Nano V3 actually works. This means you needn’t sacrifice quality of the vapor or battery life for portability and stealth. I like that Vaped Inc. is actually a company that listens to its customers, the previous version of the micro Nano had some issues with battery life, but the new V3 has been equipped with a brand new long lasting battery witch lasts at least, twice as long.

The unbelievably small size makes the Nano one of the favorite choices whenever I am on hunt for the best weed vaporizer. Only 3 and a half inches in length and half of inch in diameter, so small you can add this to your key chain with relative ease. The Nano V3 kit provides with all the necessary apparel to start vaping right out of the box. You just need your oils or waxes, no dried herbs please. Worth to mention that for a little extra cash you can also get the dried herbs atomizer and also the liquid one as well for this device. But, if you need the best vaporizer for dried herbs then you should look into the Vaped Flora vaporizer pen, this recommendation comes straight from the good people at Vaped Inc.

What you get with you kit: Nano V3 carry case, a custom gift box, the skillet attachment (skillet element, the atomizer and the sleeve coupled with a mouthpiece, one spare mouthpiece, the Nano stand, one key chain, 2 chargers (screw in type USB charger and a wall charger adapter), the micro fill tool, the new V3 battery and off course the one year warranty, provided you register your device with the good people at vaped Inc.

The New V3 Battery

The brand new lithium ion battery has a 30 second time out and charges form the very top. One button activation, 5 clicks to turn it on and 5 to turn it off. The thread count is 510.

How to use the Nano V3: A lot of people have been messaging me about having some issues with the proper way of using the vaporizer pen. I guess Vaped Inc. should provide a tutorial on their website to address this issue. Until they do however, you best check out this video which will give you all the necessary information. Don’t get me wrong, this device is quite easy to use, but newbies seem to need a little help with it.

Price: $59.99   –   Buy From The Official Vaped Shop

Vaped Flora Dried Herbs Portable Vaporizer Kit


As I said before, if you are searching for the best weed vaporizer then you should give Flora a go. In my own humble opinion, all the best weed vaporizer pens should provide the user with all glass pathways. This means that your precious vapor should never touch anything else but glass. This is the only way to be sure you are getting the best possible taste and effect from your portable vaporizer pen. And off course the Flora provides with exactly that. All glass, all flavor. The best vaporizer pen should always be easy and fast to use. Just a 30 sec wait for the glass over to bake and push the button 5 times, when the light turns green from red, you can begin vaping immediately.

What You get with your Vaped Flora Vaporizer Kit: the flora vaporizer, one grinder card, 2 glass mouthpieces, one carry bag, 2 chargers (Mini USB charger and a wall charger as well), one tray , one cleaning brush, one fill tool and one carry bag. Of course you also get the 1 year warranty, provided you register your products with the Vaped Company. The all glass pathways and the fact that the Flora has no issues with overheating as most of the weed vape pen do, makes it of the only suitable choices you can make if you desire the best weed vaporizer.

Why I consider to rank high on my quest for the best vaporizer pen, is quite simple really. Most vape pens have a harsh taste when you hit them, it really messes with my process and the Flora vaporizer pen on the other hand has a smooth hit and does not irritate my lungs at all.

Price: $119.99   –   Buy From The Official Vaped Shop

Micro Nectar Collector Kit

micro nectar collector

The kit provides true freedom for you vaping choices. The best of both worlds, as many satisfied customers are saying. And it is, here is why: This unique kit could be the next obvious step for vertical vaporization. We are actually able to switch between the classic mode and the electronic one by just quickly changing the base. This is the best vaporizer pen coupled with a globe attachment, but you also get a nectar collector and a titanium tip which you are able heat up with a blowtorch for your dabbing needs. The last one really hits like the bomb, reminds me of my old bong.

You are also able to add water to the Micro Nectar Collector, it really gives you that bong feel and not to mention a very clean vapor. The kit can be used for any kind of vaping you might need: essential oils and waxes only. If you want to check out the best weed vaporizer (dried herbs), go for the Flora Vaped Portable Vape Pen.

Ok, now that you got the right idea , let’s see what comes with the Micro Nectar collector kit: one custom gift box, one soft shell travelling case (very useful when you are out and about), one micro nectar collector which includes both and atomizer and a v3 chamber element, the v3 battery, one titanium tip (threaded off course), one extra all glass chamber attachment (glass chamber and chamber element plus the atomizer), one glass dish with lid, one USB charger plus one wall charger, one micro fill tool and the very useful stand (comes in very handy if you are using a blow torch and you need a place to let your device cool off).

It is quite simple to switch between modes with this one, you just need to turn your element to the right and off course to tighten just simply turn to the left. Pretty easy and straight forward if you ask me.

The Lithium ion battery is quite easy to use too, just 5 clicks to either turn on or off with a 30 seconds time out. The USB charging slot in conveniently located at the bottom of the device allowing use even when charging. Considering the freedom this micro collector provides, this is got to be the best weed vaporizer for people who prefer using waxes or essential oils. You can take huge hits using the blow torch and the titanium tip and then go out and just switch to the battery mode, for some awesome incognito vaping.

I have been getting a lot of messages from people asking me for a video tutorial, they seem to have some issues with understanding to proper way to utilize the micro collector. So check out this very informative video from our good friends at vape life.

Price: $129.99   –   Buy From The Official Vaped Shop  

So there you have it, the good people at Vaped Inc. can help you select the best vaporizer whatever you needs are, waxes and essential oils or dried herbs.

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