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Vaporizer Chief has been around the vape scene for more than three years. Since then the web shop has been providing their customers with the best weed vaporizers available on the market. Vaporizer Chief is an authorized dealer for the most worthwhile and trusted brands in the vape game. From the famous Volcano vaporizer (desktop) to the most recent portable models from Pax, Arizer, DaVinci, Atmos, Crafty and Vaped.

Since 2013 Vaporizer Chief has serviced many satisfied customers, and the hundreds of positive online reviews serve as a reminder of the level of excellence this company is providing. I actually bought my first weed vaporizer from them, back in 2014 and it still works like a charm.

When you shop at Vaporizer Chief you can expect to receive free shipping on orders over 50 bucks, full time live support, Norton Safe Shopping guarantee, privacy protection and off course price-matching.


This means you will be paying the exact same price you would on the official brand store for any device that is available in their online shop. Actually you would be paying a little less if you take into account the free shipping feature. They are able to do this because they high levels off sales and customer satisfaction allow them to get bulk discounts from all the major manufacturers.

So, if you want to acquire either a new weed vaporizer, some of the more portable versions or just my favorite classic choice: the Volcano vaporizer these guys can hook you up. They do have an extensive catalogue, with that in mind I will be reviewing only 2 or 3 weed vaporizers. If you like what you see, you can always check out the web shop and browse through their extensive weed vaporizer catalogue.


The Volcano Vaporizer – Desktop


Experienced vapers always disagree about the best choices for weed vaporizers, but not when it comes to Volcano vaporizer brand. Everyone agrees this is the absolute best choice you can make when purchasing a desktop vaporizer. None of the other desktop weed vaporizers even come close to the level of excellence you get with your Volcano vaporizer. The tabletop weed vaporizer comes in 2 unique models, the classic version and the digital one. I bought my Volcano classic a few years back and I had absolutely no issues with it, the Volcano weed vaporizer performs as it did on the first day. Built like a tank, with a high level of efficiently, the Volcano vaporizer is one of a kind to say the least.

Volcano Classic

This was the first model released by the company, and it took the vaping community by storm. Manufactured in Germany by the good people at Storz and Bickel, this beautiful device provides the user with top of the line vaporization and efficiency. You can use with your essential water based oil and off course your dried herbs. The heating block is manufactured from medical grade aluminum coupled with a super reliable diaphragm pump witch seems to fill the vape bags almost instantly.


My favorite feature however is the awesome air filter which makes all the difference, super clean and tasty vapor. The silencer of the volcano vaporizer is also a very important feature, being able to vape incognito can come in very handy at times.

The temperature is adjustable and can range from 266F to 446F (130C to 230C). The weight of the Volcano weed vaporizer is about 1,6 kg (3.5lbs) and the size is about 7.9 inch x 7.1inch (20 cm x 18 cm ). It’s a big that for shore.

What you get with your Volcano vaporizer: one Volcano hoot air generator, a choice of either solid or easy valve set, one air filtering set, one liquid pad, one cleaning brush, one adjustable filing chamber, a cleaning brush , one balloon tube measuring 3 meters and of course the mouthpiece.

An instruction manual is also provided, which can come in handy.

Price: $479.90   –   Buy From The Official Vaporizer Chief Shop

The Digital Volcano Vaporizer


The digital version provides the user with the same level of excellence we have come to expect from the volcano weed vaporizers. But it has one cool extra feature, the large led display which shows exactly the operating state of your weed vaporizer. These guys really manufacture one of the best vaporizers, durability and reliability being some of their key features. Time and time again the Volcano vaporizers have been branded the best vaporizers by customers and critiques alike and with good reason.

The air pump provided with the volcano vaporizer is almost indestructible and lasts for years, and requires virtually no maintenance. You have your choice of either Solid or Easy valve. The solid valve as the name suggests is quite durable as well and provides the user with customizable balloon sizes. The easy valve on the other hand has preassembled balloons and is ridiculously easy to use.


The temperature control ranges from 104F all the way up to 446F (40C to 230C), coupled with one more awesome feature: the ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius (pretty great). One more extra feature is the automatic switch off after 30 minutes.

The dimensions match those of the Volcano classic vaporizer but the weight is a bit higher, about 1.8 kg (4 lbs.).

What you get with your Volcano Digital Weed Vaporizers: the digital hot air generator, five easy balloon or if you choose the solid valve, then you get your choice of individual balloon sizes (from 30cm to 3m), one adjustable filling chamber, one screen set, one air filter set, one liquid pad, one herb mill, one cleaning brush and off course to easy to fallow instruction manual.

Both the digital and classic versions of the volcano weed vaporizer are made from stainless steel coupled with heat resistant plastic materials.

Price: $599.90   –   Buy from the Official Vaporizer Chief Shop


The Pax 2 – Portable Vaporizer


If you want a reliable weed vaporizer and one your main concerns is portability, the Pax 2 is definitely one of the most inspired choices you could make. Following the resonant success of its predecessor, the Pax 1, the newer model provides the same level of excellence with the added bonus of some new features.

What are really like is that with the Pax 2 weed vaporizer you get a lot more diversity for your heat options and a bigger oven which really helps distributing the heat more evenly.

This is one sleek vaporizers, the design looks great and it really comes with a big stealth factor. Light as a feather, weighing no more than 90 grams.

Dimensions: H – 3.78 inch; W – 1.21 inch; 0.8 inch thick

You temperatures settings allow you to change between four different heat modes, starting at 360 Fahrenheit and going all the way up to 460 Fahrenheit.

Due to the highly improved heating system, the vapor quality of the Pax 2 weed vaporizer is just insane. One more key feature, which you won’t get with other portable weed vaporizers is the lip sensors. Basically the new heat algorithm changes the temperature depending on how the user interacts with the device. Now how many other weed vaporizers have that ability? None many, only the best vaporizers out there.

Battery Life has also suffered significant improvement from the late model. The company is claiming an overall 30% bump in autonomy. As many of the latest customer reviews will attest. This means you are getting just about 90 minutes with one charge, more than enough I would say.

Because of its high levels of durability, efficiency, vapor quality and portability the Pax 2 comes with a fitting price tag, but in my experience when looking the best vaporizers you have to be willing to pay the price, or risk ending up with a substandard weed vaporizer.

Price: $279.99   –   Buy from the Official Vaporizer Chief Shop

The Volcano and The Pax 2 are my preferred choices for tabletop or portable vaping. Hands down the best vaporizers for my particular needs. It is true that these weed vaporizers have a high price tag and maybe some of you do not wish to spend that much. Remember tow, like everywhere else you get what you paid for. With that in mind there are several other choices you could make when shopping at Vaporizer Chief. Davinci, Arizer, Crafty or Atmos being just some of them.

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2 thoughts on “Vaporizer Chief Review – Some of the Best Weed Vaporizers

  1. Can’t agree more with your assessment of, they’re truly professional in every sense of the word. John, not only went to extreme lengths to verify that they were authorized retailers after Ploom mistakenly said they weren’t, he also gave me an amazing deal on the last Limited Edition Rose Gold Pax3 they had in stock and threw in free shipping as well as a free grinder. John more than earned a lifelong customer in myself. Can’t wait for my Pax3 to come in the mail so I can truly take the Ploom Plunge!

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