Company Information

Arizer Vaporizers has been in the game for more than 10 years. In that time, the vape company has provided its customers with quality built marijuana vaporizers. The key features of the arizer vaporizers are unique design, quality devices and some of the best prices in the industry. The company is currently selling 4 different devices: arizer extreme q, arizer air, arizer solo and the arizer digital v-tower. These 4 marijuana vaporizers can easily fulfill the needs of even the most advanced vapers. If you are in the market for a portable vaporizer or a desktop model, then you should strongly consider Arizer as one of you first picks.

The Arizer company is based in Canada but they ship there products worldwide in a timely manner, so there is no need to worry about shipping. Their shipping always features very discreet packaging.

The Arizer vaporizers are all equipped with high quality glass and ceramic parts. This is a very important feature because these are toxin free and inert. This means you always get smooth and flavorful vapor without the harshness you might get when using a sub standard device.

The quality of their marihuana vaporizers has been proven time and time again by customers and critiques alike, not to mention the solid manufacturer’s warranty which is granted for life for specific parts of the device.

A portable vaporizer or even a desktop one should always be simple to use, have intuitive controls and be quite easy to clean as well. When you purchase an arizer model that is exactly what you receive.

Another nice feature is that all products are compatible with a 110-220V power source, so no matter where you live or might be traveling to, you can recharge your preferred marijuana vaporizer with ease.

Arizer Air – Portable Vaporizer

arizer air

This dried herbs portable vaporizer has been released at the begging of 2015 and it hands down one of the best performers in the portable vaporizers category. This product is very discreet and features a unique fan system that generates the right quantity of heat, thus ensuring you get the best possible vapor out of you marijuana vaporizer. Following the footstep of its predecessor the Arizer Solo, but much improved courtesy of new long lasting batteries and an all glass path. If you are truly interested in getting the best quality vapor possible, then you must know that everything that touches you vapor should be made out of glass.

The arizer air features ceramic filters, a glass bowl, all glass parts and vapor path. The quality of the vapor produced by the baby is rivaled only by the Pax2 and the Davinci Ascent.

Heating levels and battery information

You get a lot of versatility when make use of this product considering there are 5 different temperature levels. This allow you to customize your vaping experience to you own specific needs.

1: 356 degrees Fahrenheit – Blue

2: 374 degrees Fahrenheit – White

3: 392 degrees Fahrenheit – Green

4: 401 degrees Fahrenheit – Orange

5: 410 degrees Fahrenheit – Red

It is quite easy to change between different levels, just use the arrows. (Push up and down)

You can make good use of the air portable vaporizer for more than 2 hours, courtesy of the new advanced 18650 Lithium Ion batteries. You can easily charge this product by using the micro USB port and can even vape while it’s charging, so no more waiting for the damn marijuana vaporizer to recharge. Also the fine people from arizer have equipped the air with a very useful auto lock feature, which automatically turns the device off after 10 minutes.

This is one stealthy portable vaporizer, measuring only 12.2 cm in height and only 3 cm in width. Sits perfectly in my pocket. It really has a great feel when you hold it in your hand and a great grip as well.

The outer structure is made from highly heat resistant plastic materials, but only the outer structure. As I said earlier, the rest of the device is made from all glass parts and features ceramic filters. This does not only mean you get only quality vapor but healthy vapor as well.

My preferred heat levels for using the Arizer air marijuana vaporizer are white and green. Anything more than that much damage you herbs and provide a substandard trip.

What you get when you order the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer: one warming device with battery, two glass diffuser stems, one carrying case, one charger/power adapter, one glass aroma dish, one clear protective skin and one steel stirring tool.

The air comes in two different color schemes: grey and black.

Price: $259.99 – Sale price: $199.95 – Buy from Vaporizer Chief – Click Here


Arizer extreme q – Desktop Vaporizer

arizer featured image

The arizer extreme q is best suited for people who want a quality built, reliable desktop vaporizer but don t want to spend $499/$599 for a Volcano model. I always recommend this to people searching for a more affordable marijuana vaporizer which they can use at home. Now just because the arizer extreme q is cheaper than its famous competitor, it doesn’t mean you will be receiving a substandard device when purchasing the arizer extreme q model. The extreme q is build using only quality materials and provides some truly unique features. Let’ find out what they are, shall we?

This high performance vaping unit is quite versatile as well, arizer extreme q users can easily vape using either the provided balloon bags or switch it up by using the whip. Some people like to use the balloon bags, other love the whip, well with the arizer extreme you can easily do booth. This is a very convenient feature and should be provided by all the desktop marijuana vaporizers.

The heating ceramic element is ready to go in a matter of seconds, no more waiting for you vape unit to heat up.

The q extreme is equipped with a digital LED screen which provides very useful information on the state of the device: vapor heat, fan and timer. The heat sensor can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and the auto shut-off feature can be tailored to your own specific needs. Most other marijuana vaporizers do offer an auto shut off feature but most of time vaping units are programed for a preset time period, but not the arizer extreme q. This model has 3 heat sensors and the fan is one the most silent in the industry. I sometimes use this device at night and I can confirm it’s quite stealthy.

Remote Control

Yes, the arizer extreme q is the only vaporizer that can be controlled remotely. One of those important features that you didn’t know you needed it until you’ve tried it. I am sure most of the competitor’s future models will be provided with this key feature, but until than if you want a remote controlled marijuana vaporizer the arizer extreme q is the only way to go.

This vaporizer is built like a tank, the double wall housing is made from stainless steel with a chrome finish.

The beautiful design paired with a medical grade silicone whip system and the 3 speed fan really makes the arizer extreme q stand out. The detachable balloon system is also very efficient and easy to use, the extreme q can easily become the center piece of your parties.

Delivering one of the most dense and tasty vapors out there, the arizer extreme should be on the self of anybody who wants or needs a quality vaping experience. Taking account the decent price, the remote control feature and the quality of the build, I would say the arizer extreme q is not just a more affordable version of the Volcano.

Price: $195.5 – Buy from Vaporizer Chief – Click Here


The Arizer Air and the extreme q are both awesome choices when searching for quality vaporizers. Considering the fair price and the unique features, these models should satisfy your vaping needs and then some.

The arizer models are best suited to be used for vaporizing dried herbs, not for waxes or oils. If you need a device for waxes and oils check out these reviews: Davinci And Vaped Inc.


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